Sexy Peeing Girls

Sexy girls pissing caught on camera

So much for holding one's pee. Adana is in her friend's car on a long trip when she realizes that she has to pee really bad. There are not stops where she can use a toilet. When he stops on the side of the road before she could get her pants down, hot piss flows out of her and down her tight jeans. Now she has a pissy ass all the way home.

Autumn has spent a day in the water but now has to pee something serious. Not finding anywhere to go she gets an empty liquor bottle, slides her bikini bottoms over and pisses in the bottle. She tastes a little before she finish pissing in the bottle. After she takes the neck of it and stuffs it in her wet pussy just enough to get off.

You know Mistress Casandra loves to humiliate you in extreme ways. Today she'll let you watch her while she takes a piss in the toilet - and then you'll drink the piss right from the toilet bowl! She'll give you detailed instructions and train you to be a good toilet slave!

One of Lady Anja's slaves bought an old pair of high heel boots from his mistress - but she's not just giving him the worn-out boots as they're! She puts them in the bathtub, lifts her skirt and pisses all over her boots. Then she puts them in a rubber bag and sends it to her slave - who'll make a video for her of himself licking the piss of her boots!

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