Sexy Peeing Girls

Sexy girls pissing caught on camera

Mizz Thyck loves to have sex and she does it all the time. But this guy did not satisfy her and she felt wasted given all the naughty and kinky things she had done to him. So she used her pee fetish to deal with him. He had to drink all of her pee and to smell her farts before she was done with him. And she told him to lose her number.

Mistress Evgenia and mistress Sandra had an issue with this guy and they could not settle it amicably. So they decided to punish him and to make him realize that they would not tolerate any nonsense from him and that is why they went to the extent of peeing on him and making sure that he drank all of that pee. He was careful next time so that he did not piss them off.

Mistress N nearly had sex with a guy who had a small penis. She did not know that he had a small dick until she had foreplay with him. She was turned off immediately and she had to do something to him to let him know that it was not ok to have a small dick. So she trampled the guy and crushed his balls besides peeing on him as punishment.

Mistress Carla loves to pee outdoors as there is no need to flash and she also loves to record as she does it because it helps her to be naughty with her man. The mistress always sends such naughty videos to her man so as to turn him on at work. He usually runs home to fuck her brains out as soon as he can and it enriches their sex life.

Mistress Luna and her friends wanted to try pee fetish. But they did not have a slave to try it on so they chose to pay this guy so that he drank their pee and he licked it too. Besides that, the mistresses also had him lick and smell their asses as well as their feet. He was like their toy and he had to do all that they wanted as they had paid for his services.

Mistress Sophie was interested in seeing what sort of reaction her boyfriend would have if she made him watch her pee. So the mistress dragged him to the toilet and she had him sit and watch as she took a pee and he acted shocked at how she did it as he had never seen a woman pee before in his life. And she then had him describe what he had seen.

This guy was too unrealistic for this mistress's liking and she had to bring him back to earth. She had him watch as she took off her clothes and he was turned on as he thought that she wanted to fuck him but that was not the case. Instead, the mistress peed on him and then she chased him from her house. He was humiliated but he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Natalia did not want to encourage her slave to be late so she did what she does best in such circumstances and she made him drink her pee. He was shocked as she did that because he never expected it and he feared that she would do worse things to him. So he promised and convinced him that she would change so that she would stop peeing on him.

Mistress Samantha had not had sex in a while and she was very horny. But the guy who got the opportunity to fuck her did not do a good job and she was pissed about it. She felt that she had to punish him for not doing a good job so she trampled him and then peed on him for what he had done. He had to drink her urine before he left.

Madame Ellen peed into a glass and she had this slave drink it. She was angered by how lazy he was and she had to make him learn to do things differently. So she punished him by forcing him to drink her urine. He wished he had never been as lazy as he was as it had brought him a lot of grief from the guy. He could not do anything about it.

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