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This mistress was so pressed that she could not avoid help but pee on herself. Her house had 1 bathroom and someone was already in it and she could not wait any longer. So she did what she had to do and she peed her pants. It was crazy but she did not have a choice since the pee had to come out somehow. She made the person in the bathroom clean up after her.

This mistress did not like how her gardener did things. She felt that he did not plant the flowers she wanted and for the ones he did, he did not do it properly. He also did not know how to take good care of them or he was negligent about it. So the mistresses punished him for it and he learned his lesson painfully when he was made a pee slave.

This mistress and her boyfriend were in the woods for a picnic. They were taking a walk when she felt like peeing. She had a sudden naughty idea and she put it in motion. As she peed, she showed off her hot ass and she also touched her ass erotically and turned on her man. He wanted a quickie and they had it in the woods before they went home.

Goddess Gabriela was interested in torturing this guy and she did it in a way the guy never expected. This was by forcing the guy to drink her urine. The disappointed mistress felt that if that happened, the guy would not want to piss her off again and so she did not hold back in peeing on him and teaching him the kind of lesson he deserved to be taught.

Mistress Nyx wanted to turn on her man while peeing and she did so as she played with her pussy as she peed. Normally, peeing would have turned her man off but from the way she was dressed and the way she played with her pussy, her man was turned on and he fucked her immediately she was done peeing as she was already wet from all she had been doing.

Lady Shay loves to dominate and that is what she did today at the expense of this guy. The guy never saw it coming. He had taken a lot for granted and it was now his turn to be humiliated. The mistress did not care what he felt as she dominated him. She decided to make him drink pee and he was smart enough to drink it as she had prepared a worse punishment if he did not.

This mistress is as crazy as they come. She loves to try all kinds of naughty things and today she wanted to have fun with fur. So she took out some of it and she used it to caress herself. She got wet enough and she fucked the fur by riding it and rubbing it against her clit and her pussy. Then she peed on it when she was done fucking it.

Mistress Evgenia and mistress Sandra had an issue with this guy and they could not settle it amicably. So they decided to punish him and to make him realize that they would not tolerate any nonsense from him and that is why they went to the extent of peeing on him and making sure that he drank all of that pee. He was careful next time so that he did not piss them off.

Mistress Carla loves to pee outdoors as there is no need to flash and she also loves to record as she does it because it helps her to be naughty with her man. The mistress always sends such naughty videos to her man so as to turn him on at work. He usually runs home to fuck her brains out as soon as he can and it enriches their sex life.

Mistress Luna and her friends wanted to try pee fetish. But they did not have a slave to try it on so they chose to pay this guy so that he drank their pee and he licked it too. Besides that, the mistresses also had him lick and smell their asses as well as their feet. He was like their toy and he had to do all that they wanted as they had paid for his services.

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